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Dead Space Advocacy Program

A fan-centric social campaign for the Dead Space Remake, featuring an interactive original narrative on Instagram Stories.

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How it worked

The Instagram profile featured a map of dormant power nodes, an in-game resource in the Dead Space universe.

Leading up to the release date of the game, a new node would “activate” every 2-3 weeks with a new challenge for the channel’s protagonist, Chief Engineer Ariel Rousseau. Rousseau would call upon the channel’s followers, the “Comms Relay Crew,” to complete the challenges, with each node providing rewards and resources once solved.

Fans solved the puzzles and discussed the rewards on social and community platforms such as Reddit, Discord, and Twitter, and in the comments of the Instagram posts.

1. Audiolog intro
Each node activated with an in-world audio message from our protagonist, introducing the next puzzle.

2. Puzzle
Puzzles ranged from logic problems to short mini-games using in-app features like the slider poll.

3. Reward reveal
Completed puzzles unlocked rewards such as new trailers, cosplay guides, and merch giveaways.


Some puzzles I worked on!

Hidden link

Find the real one!

Crack the code
Clues to a secret code were posted in a series of cryptic Stories and icons using the Highlights feature. Once solved, fans could DM the code to the account to unlock the reward.

Some community feedback!
(from lurking in their walls)

Thanks to this great team (and more):
CD: Graham Alexander, Alex Tafet
Strategy: Miranda Feneberger
AD: Wesley Ruff
Copywriter: Jason Schoenfeld
Motion: Brandt Babineaux