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Work         Fun

Apex Legends Mobile Social

A multi-platform social campaign promoting the launch and continuing post-launch engagement for a new mobile shooter game from a popular franchise.

😎 Clio Awards Bronze

Sizzle reel – keep scrolling for specific things I worked on!

Pre-release & launch

Social profiles

Launch day lead-ins and events

Official communications™

Engaging content

Following the launch, the channel introduced light-hearted interactive content like games, trivia, and polls.

Posts would match the graphic style the game’s current season.

Art! Memes! Success!

The final phase added even more casual and organic content to the mix.
This was a fun and unique opportunity where I was asked to contribute art in my personal style to be used for fun fan content, such as these wallpapers and seasonal illustrations.

And of course, silly memes that got weirder and weirder with the course of time.

CD: Alex Tafet
AD: Wesley Ruff
Strategy: Miranda Feneberger, Cody Osei
Copywriter: Jason Schoenfeld
Motion: Brandt Babineaux